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You’re My Best Friend

Time in Zagreb always affects me differently. Sometimes I feel calm, sometimes I feel nostalgic, sometimes sad. Other times I just can’t wait to leave. Regardless of my own mood, something unexpected always happens. Like that one time my colleagues sent me flowers when my dad was in a hospital. Or that one text from my ex which ended up with the two of us getting high, surrounded by kids’ toys, in the same room where we used to make out. Or most recently – an unexpected encounter with my former best friend that I thought I would never see…

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Meet on the Ledge (My Year in Review)

It’s that time of the year again, time for George Michael, ugly sweaters and mulled wine. It’s time to reflect on the previous year, be grateful for what it brought and take away the lessons learned. Before doing so, I must say how 2018 set the bar pretty high for the shittiest year award. It hit me in the head, punched me in the stomach, spat on me, left me lying on the floor and then hit my head against the wall a few more times – just to be sure. In comparison, 2019 was a breeze. In that tone,…

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The Green Sweater

Sometimes in life, we don’t go searching for things; they find us instead. I first noticed the green sweater in a shop selling porcelain masquerade masks in Venice. This was many many summers ago when I still had all of my teeth and my hair hadn’t yet faded to grey. My friends and I were on a trip across Europe. One day we found ourselves in a quiet alley beside Piazza San Marco. Hundreds of laughing ceramic faces stared at me from a shop window. I felt uneasy  and looked around for something more soothing, then found it in the…

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I Hope Never To Marry My Best Friend

A few of my friends got getting married lately and almost all of them posted a photo from their wedding with the caption saying “I married my best friend”. Every time I would read that, my heart sank a little. For me, marrying a best friend means marrying that guy who, at the age of 20, I made an agreement with that we’d get married at 50 if we’re both still single. Marrying a best friend means settling down. It means marrying out of fear of not growing old alone. It means stripping your life of excitement and choosing the…

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What I look for in code reviews?

Over the past few weeks, I was asked multiple times how do I do code reviews. At first, I was puzzled by the question. “What do you mean? I do them as everyone else does them. I just do it”. I didn’t realize I had a systematic approach until I verbalized it. Once I said it out loud, it became clear to me I DO in fact follow a pattern. So here it is, in case someone finds it useful. Is this reviewable at all? Before I spend time reviewing code, I will have a quick look to see if…

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