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Born To Run

So, you thought you finally had it all. Sweet kisses and long conversations. Passionate nights and calm days. Silly banter and serious topics. You thought you had a man who adores you. The one who is not afraid to tell you he loves you, multiple times a day. You started to think all those love songs finally make sense. There exists a love that’s strong and real. A love that comes from two imperfect people, trying their best to complement each other. You started to think you might get your happy ending after all. There is a person who will…

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As The World Stood Watching

On this day, Croatia marks a sad day in its modern history – a day the siege of Vukovar ended. Vukovar, a small, quiet border-town became a target of the opposing army occupation in the early September 1991. The battle lasted for 87 days and ended on November 18th, when largely outnumbered Croatian troops surrendered to the Yugoslav and Serb military forces. The city was almost completely run to the ground, with not a single build left undamaged. Thousands were killed and tens of thousands fled. I was five on this day in 1991. The only memory I have is…

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To The Guy Who Hurt Me

To the guy who hurt me – I understand. I understand why you said I was beautiful. I understand why you said you had never felt this way before. I understand why you had to run away and hide. Connection and attraction can be scary, no matter how wonderful they are. You wanted a simple love, not the all-consuming one. Uncomplicated. The kind of love that makes you bored, not challenged. Your afternoons needed to be spent sipping tea and talking about the rain, not running through the forests talking about the mysteries of the universe. I understood it even…

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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

He held her close, closer than he should have. He needed to feel her skin and how it feels against his own. Just being this close to her sent shivers down his spine. Unable to say anything, with words stuck in his throat, he felt like he was suffocating. Whatever he’d say would hurt her more, and he wasn’t sure he could bare that. Sometime soon, she broke the silence: – I want you to be happy, whether it’s with your wife, with me, someone else entirely or even by yourself. I just want you to be happy. He pulled…

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Time to Say Goodbye

The past five weeks have been intense, eventful, powerful – everything I hoped they would be. Over the past five weeks or so, I’ve been to the airport four times in three days; I slept five consecutive nights in five different cities; I took a transatlantic flight. Over the past five weeks or so I spent an incredible amount of time with some incredible people. The adventure began with a team offsite in Orlando, where I met my colleagues for the first time after three and a half years. I hugged them. We laughed, we talked, we drank. In the…

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