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Born To Run

So, you thought you finally had it all. Sweet kisses and long conversations. Passionate nights and calm days. Silly banter and serious topics. You thought you had a man who adores you. The one who is not afraid to tell you he loves you, multiple times a day.

You started to finally think all those love songs actually make sense. There exists a love that’s strong and real. A love that comes from two imperfect people, trying their best to complement each other.

You started to think you might get your happy ending after all. There is a person who will stand by you through everything and anything, and by whom you’ll stand through everything and anything.

You started making plans. Short-terms ones initially, that slowly turned into longer-term ones. A week from now, a month from now, six months from now. Because if it’s not with him, whom else would it be with?

Then they come, like most bad things in life, suddenly and unexpectedly – words that hurt you so much that your head starts spinning. You can’t even grasp what is happening. Despite your best effort, you fail to understand. You look at him in despair, hoping for some reassurance.

You look and you wait, but the answer you are looking for never comes.

You are too angry to cry, too tired to sleep and too emotionally drained to talk. You look at this person who you thought was gonna be your wonderful melody slowly turn into a kitchenware concert.

You hurt and hurt. Eventually, the tears come. With tears comes relief. You accept the heartbreak and you own it. You remember what you had and what you lost.

You hurt and you heal. You put your smile back on. Life slowly comes back. You know you will be ok, as you continue down this road, the only road you’ve ever known.

Like a drifter, you were born to walk alone.

Because tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.

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