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Who Are You?

Who are we really? If you were to be asked that question, are you sure you would know the answer to it?

My Twitter bio says I’m a software engineer, a passionate runner, a fitness enthusiast, a beer lover, a Bryan Ferry fan, an auntie, and an occasional scribbler.

But past this very brief intro, who am I really?

The truth is: some days I don’t even know. The things I feel most grounded in sometimes slip away from underneath me. And then I get lost and it comes out in very unexpected ways and in the most awkward circumstances. I retreat from my friends, I lash out, I try to impress people who don’t matter, I take people who do matter for granted. I get selfish, insecure, and anxious. On those days, I want to curl under my blanket and disappear.

But today I realized something. I need to own up to it and accept I am all of those things.

I am a runner; although I’m currently not running due to an injury.

I am a software engineer, even on days when I don’t write code.

I am a friend who sometimes disappoints her friends.

I am a confident person even on days when I let my insecurities get the best of me.

I am an auntie, even on days work takes over the time spent with my niece.

Some days I’m more of one thing, and less of another. And that’s okay, too.

Too young to reason, too grown up to dream

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