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Egg-Freezing Procedure, What You Need To Know

At 34, I broke up with my long-term partner. Being childless, and most recently – manless, I decided it was the right time to freeze my eggs. I was sure that I wanted to do it, I didn’t ask many questions. Maybe it was better this way so I didn’t have second thoughts. I decided to put together a list of things I wish I knew before starting this. If you’re anything like me, thinking about doing this or going through this, maybe you’ll find it useful. It is expensive Looking into freezing my eggs, I was aware of this.…

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Letter To My Younger Self

Do you ever stop and think about what you’d say to a 19-yo self if you were to encounter them again? Do you wonder what they would be thinking of YOU now? Did you let them down? Did you fulfill their expectations? Sometimes, I stop and pause. Then I have this conversation with her. I want to tell her to enjoy herself. To worry less and breathe more. Things WILL work out fine in the end. I’d tell her – you’ll turn into an independent woman, like you had always wanted. What I  wouldn’t tell her is exactly how much…

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My First Solo Vacation

This summer I booked my very first solo vacation. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve travelled a lot on my own, mostly for work or visiting friends who live in other countries. I’m no stranger to sleeping alone in hotel rooms, wandering the streets of an unknown city or having cringeworthy conversations with Uber drivers. There’s a noticeable difference, however, between sitting in a lobby in a hotel downtown, surrounded by other lonely and tired people staring at their laptops, and going to a hotel on a beachfront where people come to enjoy themselves. This is what I’ve learned on…

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Art In the Time of Coronavirus

When the lockdown started, a few of my friends asked me if I was spending the additional time writing. The question would always come as a shock, no matter how many times I’ve heard it before. The answer was always the same – to write, you need a cool head. Mine has been hot mess. The pandemic hit me hard. I won’t go into details here why I think that was so. What you need to know is that insomnia and anxiety came like a tornado. For months I had struggled with a few basic human activities, like sleeping, eating…

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It’s Not Always Ok To Yell (But Sometimes It’s Necessary)

The theme for today is self-entitlement, or more specifically – what makes people feel entitled, above others? Recently I spent 4 days in a hotel in the mountains. It was a proper winter getaway, to the best you can imagine – wooden cozy rooms, fireplace, warm beverage, clear mountain air. And snow. Snow in the mountains is one of the reasons why I go to the mountains in the first place. I am well prepared for what it brings. Unlike the hotel staff, who, after it had snowed for 2 days, didn’t bother to clean the car park, leaving a…

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