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Category: short story

The Green Sweater

Sometimes in life, we don’t go searching for things; they find us instead. I first noticed the green sweater in a shop selling porcelain masquerade masks in Venice. This was many many summers ago when I still had all of my teeth and my hair hadn’t yet faded to grey. My friends and I were on a trip across Europe. One day we found ourselves in a quiet alley beside Piazza San Marco. Hundreds of laughing ceramic faces stared at me from a shop window. I felt uneasy  and looked around for something more soothing, then found it in the…

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The Changing Painting

It’s been three months since that dreadful night and this is the first time I’m telling the full story to anyone. You might think I’m crazy or just a bad person. Either way – your opinion is entirely up to you. I was reluctantly getting ready to go out, telling myself there was at least a dozen things I’d rather be doing. In all fairness that was a lie. I would rather have been doing what I had been doing for the past few weeks of my life – drinking and crying on the sofa. – It’s ok to be…

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The Storm

The air is hot and humid. Its weight is pressuring on her skin, making it almost too hard to breathe. She should get going or she’ll be late. Slowly, she drags herself to the car. The radio is playing Slave to Love.  The streets are almost deserted, as life abandons city during summertime. She arrives at the park sooner than usual. She leaves the car in the nearby parking spot. As she is entering the park, she greets the ice-cream seller. Standing there in his truck, he’s been guarding the park entrance for years. “The usual?”, he asks. He hands her…

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